2024 Asia-Pacific Coastal Aquifer Management Meeting
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A significant portion of the global population resides near coastlines, placing a strain on water resources. This challenge is expected to worsen with climate change and rising sea levels, which could put nearly 45% of the world’s inhabitants at risk. Coastal water resources, including groundwater, are of significant concern to scientific groups and other industries worldwide.

To tackle the challenges presented by coastal groundwater management, a coalition of academic experts, government officials, and international organizations banded together to establish the Asia-Pacific Coastal Aquifer Management Meeting (APCAMM) in 2009. The primary objective of this forum is to foster collaboration among scientists, engineers, water resource managers, and planners to discuss, share insights and strategies for sustainable management of coastal groundwater. The gathering serves as a unique platform for leading scientists and engineers from the Asia-Pacific region to identify opportunities for future socio-economic growth. The success of APCAMM is crucial to achieving economic development that is both sustainable and respectful of coastal aquifers.


About Us

The Asia-Pacific Coastal Aquifer Management Meeting (APCAMM) brings experts from across the Asia-Pacific and beyond to share knowledge, research opportunities and water management best practices of relevance to the region. The six previous APCAMM events (Thailand, Korea, China, Australia, Vietnam and India), held during 2009-2019, have led to new partnerships and brought renowned experts to areas facing major challenges in coastal aquifer management.

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